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by   Pooja Singla
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OSWAAL Solutions for Class 11 Maths

OSWAAL Solutions for Class 11 Maths provided here have been put together by our subject experts. The solutions have been mainly crafted to simplify all Class 11 Math problems, which are given in the textbooks prescribed in CBSE syllabus. These OSWAAL Solutions of Class 11 Maths are organized systematically and cover all the 16 chapters included in the syllabus. Therefore, the OSWAAL Class 11 Maths Solutions offer comprehensive learning and also help students to develop better math skills along with logical and reasoning skills. The difficult problems have been simplified and explained here in these solutions to make learning much more comfortable.

OSWAAL Solutions of Maths is an essential resource for students preparing for Class 11 Maths exam. OSWAAL can clear all your doubts with the help of materials like, sample solved questions, shortcut tips, summary, notes, etc.

In most of the competitive engineering exams or common entrance tests conducted for admissions in Engineering institutes, the questions are designed as per the syllabus of textbooks. Therefore, the students are advised to practice these OSWAAL Class 11 Maths Solution exercises worksheets on a regular basis to score better marks in exams. Also, students are suggested to solve the exemplar problems and solutions available with us online. These Class 11 Maths Solutions provide proper guidance and a thorough learning experience. The students can go through chapter-wise solutions from the table provided below.


OSWAAL Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 8 Binomial Theorem

In this chapter, students study about Binomial Theorem for positive integers. This theorem can be used to solve complex calculations that are difficult to solve using repeated multiplication. The chapter discusses the history, statement and proof of the Binomial Theorem for positive integral indices. Pascal’s triangle, general and middle term in the binomial expansion and their simple applications are some topics that are explained, in detail, in this chapter. 2 exercises along with a miscellaneous exercise are present in the chapter to help students practise problems related to Binomial Theorem.

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Questions on OSWAAL Solutions for Class 11 Maths


How STUDENT ECARE OSWAAL Solutions for Class 11 Maths help us to score good marks in the exam?

The subject matter specialists at STUDENT ECARE have framed the OSWAAL Solutions in accordance with the syllabus designed by the CBSE board. The essential explanation is provided for major points to make the concepts easier for the students while learning. Both chapter wise and exercise wise solutions are designed with the aim of helping students to ace the exam without fear. The solutions mainly help students to improve their problem-solving abilities which are important for the exam.


Name the important concepts discussed in Chapter 11 of OSWAAL Solutions for Class 11 Maths.

Chapter 11 of OSWAAL Solutions for Class 11 Maths deals with concepts like parts of a cone which explains about parabola, ellipse, circle, degenerate conic sections and hyperbola. Other important topics like the relationship between semi-minor axis, semi-major axis, the distance of focus from the centre of the ellipse, standard equations of parabola and ellipse. This is one of the important chapters in Class 11 as it discusses the important concepts of conic sections which would be continued in higher classes as well.


What are the main topics covered in relations and functions of OSWAAL Solutions for Class 11 Maths?

This chapter introduces students to the relations and their characteristics. The Cartesian product of sets and its relations are one of the important concepts explained here. The real-life model of cartesian products is explained in an understandable language to make it easier for students while studying. This chapter helps students to build a strong foundation of basic concepts which are important from the exam point of view.


What will I study in Chapter 4 Mathematical Induction of OSWAAL Solutions for Class 11 Maths?

Mathematical Induction is a technique which is used to prove whether a given statement is right or wrong. The important fact is that the theorem should be true for every given natural number. Students will be familiar with the following points by studying this chapter.
1. Proving a statement or illustration is the main motive.
2. The proof should be true for all the values of natural numbers.
3. For initial value, the statement should be true.
4. For values till nth iteration, the statement should be true.
5. All the steps in the proof should be true and justified.

Key Benefits of Maths OSWAAL Solutions Class 11

STUDENT ECARE OSWAAL solutions offer a lot of benefits to the students.

  • Firstly, students can learn OSWAAL or CBSE based Class 11 Maths within their comfort zone. They can do it right from their homes using their PCs and tablets if the internet is enabled, or they can always download and use our free app.
  • Students have the luxury to customize their learning experience by studying each topic at their own pace without worrying about time constraints.
  • Additionally, STUDENT ECARE has the best subject experts who can further guide students to learn the subject and its concepts in a fun and straightforward manner.

Students can opt to learn Maths as well as other subjects by accessing our solutions anywhere and at any time. If students face any problems while referring to OSWAAL solutions, they can always approach the STUDENT ECARE support team to clear all their doubts.

Besides, students can bring in all their queries regarding other subjects, including physics, chemistry, and biology as well. Meanwhile, STUDENT ECARE also keeps track of all the progress that student’s make. Feedback and counselling provided via periodic assessments. STUDENT ECARE offers tips & tricks to prepare CBSE exams with OSWAAL Solutions along with Class 11 Maths revision notes and class-wise OSWAAL that help students to prepare for the board exams, state-level exams, entrance tests and other competitive exams.

How to Secure 100% in Maths?

Students can excel in Mathematics with the help of proper planning and dedicated learning. Here we have shared some helpful tips that students can follow. These tips will help the students to conquer the fear of Mathematics and secure 100% in the subject.

1. Practice Regularly: Mathematics can be mastered with regular practice. To strengthen problem-solving skills, the students must solve problems on their own instead of approaching teachers and instructors for solutions.

2. Work on Examples: Practising examples can help students to understand how the techniques work. Practicing solved examples, high order level thinking questions, and constructing new examples makes one discover the relationships between theorems and its practical applications.

3. Develop Strong Conceptual Base: Instead of simply memorizing the formulas, try to understand its origin and derivation with practical applications. It provides a much deeper understanding of concepts and makes it easier for students to recall the complex formulas during examinations effortlessly.

4. Strengthen your weaknesses: Attempt mock tests after every chapter to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Try to spend more time focusing on your weaker sections. Apart from this, practicing questions from previous years papers help students to understand the exam pattern. It will also acquaint them with the topics important from the examination point of view.

5. Regular Revision: Before starting your preparations make a list of all the topics included in the Maths syllabus and prepare a suitable study plan. Make proper study notes and revise them regularly. Doing so will help the students to remember the concepts.