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Ncert Solution | Ncert Solution for class 11th | Ncert Solution for 11 Physics | NCERT PHYSICS CHAPTER 14 OSCILLATIONS
by   Pooja Singla
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NCERT Solutions for class 11 physics Chapter 14 OSCILLATIONS

Ncert Solutions for class 11 physics Chapter 14 OSCILLATIONS is prepared by CBSE STUDENT eCARE Expert to score good marks in class 11. Class 11 physics Chapter 14 OSCILLATIONS contains many topics which are very important to score good in class 11. There are some important topics of Chapter 14 OSCILLATIONS is mentioned below:

Oscillations Class 11 Notes Physics Chapter 14

• Periodic Motion
Motions, processes or phenomena, which repeat themselves at regular intervals, are called periodic.
• Oscillatory Motion
The motion of a body is said to be oscillatory motion if it moves to and fro about a fixed point after regular intervals of time. The fixed point about which the body oscillates is called mean position or equilibrium position.
• Simple Harmonic Motion
Simple harmonic motion is a special type of periodic oscillatory motion in which
(i) The particle oscillates on a straight line
(ii) The acceleration of the particle is always directed towards a fixed point on the line.
(iii) The magnitude of acceleration is proportional to the displacement of the particle from the

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Some Questions are asked by class 11 Students related to Chapter 14 OSCILLATIONS

What does Class 11 physics Chapter 14 include?

Ans. Chapter 14 of class 11 physics gives a proper description about oscillations and oscillatory motions. It also gives an introduction to the types of oscillatory motions and the laws governing this motion. There are also several solved examples and practice solutions after each chapters of NCERT books for the students to help them understand the topic well.

How many questions are there in the exercise of Class 11 Physics Chapter 14 of NCERT book?

Ans: A total of 25 Questions are there in the exercise of Class 11 Physics Chapter 14 of NCERT book and STUDENT eCare provides solutions to all these questions through the readymade NCERT Solutions. All the answers are written in a very easy to understand format and as per the latest CBSE guidelines.