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Ncert Solution | Ncert Solution for class 11th | Ncert Solution for 11 Physics | NCERT PHYSICS CHAPTER 12 THERMODYNAMICS
by   Pooja Singla
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NCERT Solutions for class 11 physics Chapter 12 THERMODYNAMICS

Ncert Solutions for class 11 physics Chapter 12 THERMODYNAMICS is prepared by CBSE STUDENT eCARE Expert to score good marks in class 11. Class 11 physics Chapter 12 THERMODYNAMICS contains many topics which are very important to score good in class 11. There are some important topics of Chapter 12 THERMODYNAMICS is mentioned below:

Thermodynamics is the hot topic for the experts who prepare question papers. In order to get more marks in Class 11 Physics, it is crucial to study these solutions as one can expect many questions from this resource being asked often in entrance exams and competitive exams.

Thermodynamics is one of the most scoring sections in Class 11 Physics. Students must study this Chapter in-depth to excel in the exam. Some key points of Thermodynamics are given below.

Equilibrium in thermodynamics refers to the situation when macroscopic variables describing the thermodynamic state of a system does not depend on time. Equilibrium of a system in mechanics means the net external force and torque on the system are zero. The temperature of a body is related to its average internal energy, not to the kinetic energy of motion of its centre of mass. A bullet fired from a gun is not at a higher temperature because of its high speed.

Heat capacity, in general, depends on the process of the system that goes through when the heat is supplied.

In a state of thermodynamic equilibrium, the microscopic constituents of a system are not in equilibrium

In isothermal quasi-static processes, heat is absorbed or given out by the system even though at every stage the gas has the same temperature as that of the surrounding reservoir. This is possible because of the infinitesimal difference in temperature between the system and the reservoir.

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Some Questions are asked by class 11 Students related to Chapter 12 THERMODYNAMICS

What is the meaning of thermal equilibrium according to NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 12?

According to NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 12, when an object or a body is brought in contact with another body with different temperatures, then the heat gets transferred from high temperature to low temperature, till both the bodies attain thermal equilibrium. For example, when a hot cup of tea is kept under room temperature, then the heat gets transferred to the atmosphere with respect to time, till the temperature of tea and atmosphere is equal.

Subtopics of Class 11 Physics Chapter 12 Thermodynamics

  1. Introduction
  2. Thermal equilibrium
  3. Zeroth law of Thermodynamics
  4. Heat, internal energy and work
  5. First law of thermodynamics
  6. Specific heat capacity
  7. Thermodynamic state variables and the equation of state
  8. Thermodynamic processes
  9. Heat engines
  10. Refrigerators and heat pumps
  11. The second law of thermodynamics
  12. Reversible and irreversible processes
  13. Carnot Engine