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Well what if you get analysis of your Board result before your actual exam?
Yes! Board before Board Programme will give you that.

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By appearing for Board before Board you will get to know you strong topics as well as your weak topics. The topics which needs your attention and a little more hardwork. You will get analysis of your marks in respect your preparation today. Also you will get idea for writing your exam that would reduce the mistakes you often do. Board before board exam will help you in adapting the environment of board exam which help you reduce your anxiety and stay focused in exam. The clear idea of board is result before exam is waiting for you

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Benefits of Board Before Board

Reduces the chances of making mistakes

Clear Analysis of your preparation

Boosts confidence

Find out the Weakness

Make a mistake and remember

Learn Where You stand before Board

Board Before Board is best way to judge yourself

Get Strong and weak area analysis before board

Learn Time management before Board by appearing in Board Before Board

Face and Remove fear of Board by appearing in Board Before Board

Problem faced by Board Students and Its Solution

1. Problem with Its Solution

    Students appearing for board exam often face nervousness due to which they underperform in exam so Student eCare has brought an Programme Board Before Board to you under the campaign of Bharat Shiksha abhiyan which will provide the environment like actual Board Exam to the Students prior their board exam making them ready for their upcoming board exam.

2. Problem with Its Solution

    Board Students often complaint about lengthy paper and less timing because they had never given exam in Board Exvironment if they get environment of board exam prior to their exam then they would get habit of appearing in Board before Board Exam which would decrease their mistakes in the actual exam. Student eCare Provides Environment like Board by Appearing in Board Before Board so That Students could not make mistake in actual Board.

3. Problem with Its Solution

    Students often assume that they have full preparation for Board exam but after the result they get low marks its just because of lack of proper analysis before going to board exam so by appearing in Board before Board Students can get easy and analysis of their actual preparation.

4. Problem with Its Solution

    Students often complaint about getting less marks and blame that their copies are not checked properly therefore with Board before Board exam They can get analysis of their marks and writing mistakes so that they can improve it before their actual exam.

5. Problem with Its Solution

    In the first paper, students often make a mistake in writing the roll number, subject etc. If the students are already given the opportunity to give a like board exam, then they have been saved from such mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Student enroll in Board before Board Programme?

Just by clicking on "Enroll Now" Button or You can Call our executive at +91-9990222447

10th and 12th(All Stream) Students

Where will be Exam Centre of Board before Board?

Near by your School, Your Exam Centre will not be in your school

No Need to Conduct Pre Board

Five Subjects depends on Class and Stream

What is Exam Fees?

1.Rs.1000 for 10th Class CBSE Board (5 Subjects)
2.Rs.1200 for 10th Class ICSE Board (6 Subjects)
3.Rs.499 for 10th State Board
4.Rs.1400 for 12th Class CBSE Board for All Stream
5.Rs.899 for 12th Class State Board for All Stream
6.Rs.1500 for 12th Class ISC Board for All Stream

Exam will be in First week of April, All details like Centre and Schedule will be printed on Admit Card

From After 15th March

Between 15th-25th April, Exact date will be announced soon.

Appearing for Board Before Board helps students to adapt the exam environment and get a clear picture of the final day.
With the result of Board Before Board s tudent can easily know your level of board exam preparation and do more if needed.
Board Before Board is a national level examination held to check the Board exam Preparation for those students who want to get Good marks in the Board exam.
Board Before Board is an important exam for the students opting Good Marks.
They need to be well prepared and aware of what might be asked in the main examination. To make this process a little less stress free one must join Board Before Board as it prepares Students mentally and physically to crack that 3 hours paper in the best possible way.
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